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91,80 CHF each Weight: 1. kg

THE CAR LEATHER CARE KIT MA-FRA introduces a fantastic new product specially for those who wish to keep the car’s leather features “young”. “CHARME” is the name of this brand new line, three products, an alluring name, the allure of cars with leather interiors, the most delicate, most precious, outcome of a choice that goes hand in hand with passion and care for the finer points of the car. In the CHARME Line love for the finer things is evident from the start. The individual packaging echoes back to personal cosmetics, to accentuate the distinctiveness of the product: it is not merely a care product for your car, but an authentic "Beauty" product able to protect the leather by promoting the conservation of its natural softness and resistance. The products in the CHARME line, Detergent, Nutrient and Hydrating, are enclosed in an extremely neat and elegant case containing:
1 bottle of Charme Schiuma Detergent, a vegetal based foam cleaner that dissolves and eliminates all types of dirt, even the toughest, from leather car interiors.
1 tub of Charme Crema Nutrient, suitable for restoring suppleness and shine to leather that has become dried and cracked over time
1 bottle of Charme Latte Hydrating, a moisturising milk that contains naturally derived hydrating elements, crucial to maintaining the natural equilibrium of the leather seats and covers.
1 double-sided glove 2 white round latex sponges

430,92 CHF each
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